Who We Are



From starting out as a small recording studio in the basement of a music store in 1995, Ball Media has successfully built one of Canada’s top media and print businesses. Awarded #16 in 2002 on Profit 100’s Fastest Growing Companies list, Ball Media has earned a reputation as one of the finest design. media and print providers for the widest range of clientele imaginable.

We truly understand that to many of our clients, their project is like a child to them and at times very personal and private in nature.
That sometimes releasing a book they have written, or a music project they have spent a good part of their lives creating is more than just an order.
Or maybe a graphic artist simply just being proud of a design they have done.
We know that at times they may have sacrificed many important things to take them where they are when we meet.

At Ball Media, we do not take this lightly. We are humbled and appreciate being given the trust and confidence to work on the projects. The reason that we may understand this, is because we have been there.

Many of us have starved and sacrificed for a project or as an artist and we can walk somewhat in our clients shoes.

We also understand accountability and appreciate the business.



It is our goal and always has been for almost twenty years to make everyone we deal with feel as special as we think they are. No matter how large or small the order.