August 1, 2017    

Ball Media is very excited to announce the anticipated release of one of the most unique projects we have been involved in during our 21 years in business.
To explain it is almost impossible.
We worked together with Peter Paul Van Camp, the creator and author of the book to publish this one of a kind “scrapbook” by taking the book apart literally by the seams. We scanned, tweaked and re-created what we refer to as his “living” entity of poems, scraps, writings, glue and fabric and came out with a beautiful perfect bound book that  is a masterpiece and can never be truly captured in ordinary print.

Who is Peter Paul van Camp?

Peter Paul van Camp is a much loved and well-remembered figure from the late 70’s, early 80’s Cdn Folk Festival circuit. He left the road life a few decades ago and has only recently resumed his touring. Peter Paul reads his extraordinary poems in live performances. His persona live is a shy, bookish somewhat nerdy small town aesthete in a bow tie with several sweaters. He is as unique and interesting as the book entitled: “WHEN MY GRANDMOTHER CLEANS MY ROOM, AND A GOOD FIVE DOZEN OTHER POEMS & ONE (1) RECIPE FOR CORNMEAL MUSH

(from the publicity department at Acting Shelf Verses):
Now in Print, and soon to be available by daily mail, or wherever poetry enthusiasts foregather and the Author himself is present….
“WHEN MY GRANDMOTHER CLEANS MY ROOM, AND A GOOD FIVE DOZEN OTHER POEMS & ONE (1) RECIPE FOR CORNMEAL MUSH” is the title, and a fair title it is, for it suggests that a good many years have elapsed (38 of them) since the last collection, while the poet remains true to his roots, even while exploring new avenues of thought and Rhymesterism. And let’s not forget that recipe.
Profusely illustrated with family photographs, many in exemplary colour, as well as drawings executed by the writer’s own pen or pencil, this is a reproduction of a PERSONAL SCRAPBOOK which takes you into Mr Van Camp’s confidence…You will see how he has frequently revised many poems with which you may be previously familiar, as his own performance pages are in many instances here reproduced from the stage-worn originals….Also included, where pertinent, are hand-written introductions to the poems themselves, with background notes available from no other authority. IT IS IN MANY WAYS AKIN TO LOOKING OVER MR. VAN CAMP’S OWN SHOULDER during a spirited performance, and how many books today can suggest such intimacy?
Not very many. Truth to tell, a paltry few.
As this is a LIMITED EDITION PRINTING, subscribers are urged to ACT PROMPTLY in order to avoid DISAPPOINTMENT….

A website coming soon to offer the book for sale .For now , he can be found on Facebook at:

Congratulations PPVC! The Ball Media Team!