Determining Your Core Customer

January 29, 2013    

As business owners you want to believe that everyone in the world can benefit from what you do. The reality is that only a small percentage of people will become your customer – even a smaller percentage will become your ‘Core Customers.’

So how do you determine your Core Customer? We asked Trevor Cherewka of Tweetstock how he went about it.

“To figure out who that customer is, you’re going to need to put your customers into three categories, which we’ll call the three C’s of customers” says Trevor.

The Curious Customer

This is the customer that is going to take up all of your time, and will probably never buy anything from you. They must be avoided at all costs. They will steal your time and not reward you for it. This customer is the counter-leaner, and the tire-kicker. They will gladly pay you for a hamburger on Tuesday that they can have today.

The Casual Customer

Your casual customer is a customer who will spend money with you now and again, someone who enjoys using your services. You want to keep this customer because they can be motivated to spend more with you, and they are a fertile ground to start growing your core customers from.

The Core Customer

This customer has experienced an ‘a-ha’ moment with your product or services. They want to stand on a rooftop and scream your name, and I don’t mean your mom. They are your brand ambassadors, and are willing to be your unpaid spokesperson and all around enthusiast – but even better than that, they are willing to keep spending money with you. This is your Core Customer and the customer you want to duplicate.

To duplicate the Core Customer you want to first look for common patterns within that customer group. Is there a commonality, are their specific traits that they all share, in other words, that was the reason that all of them reached that moment? It may not be obvious, in fact, you may need to reach out and ask them why it is they love your product or services. But the important thing here is that you need to discover that common trait, and once you discover it, then you’ve discovered your Core Customer.

Then re-ask yourself the questions that we started with:

–        who is your Curious Customer (ditch this guy)

–        who is your Casual Customer (great place to find your Core Customer)

–        who is your Core Customer (the one you want to duplicate)

In our next post, Trevor will be talking about duplicating your Core Customer.