Top 10 Productivity Hacks of 2018

April 5, 2018     / /

Top 10 Productivity Hacks of 2018

Is This Going to be Your Year?

The year when you get that big promotion, or finally finish writing that book, or whatever that big dream of yours is? That one thing that you know is important, but you haven’t quite managed yet?

To achieve any goal in life, we need to be able to work towards it. This means actually doing something productive with our time. In this post, we will count down the top 10 productivity hacks so that you can achieve that elusive goal.

Smart Hacks for Maximizing Productivity

Tip 1: Mini-Breaks

Hang on, weren’t we just talking about being more productive? The top personal productivity tips will only get you so far if you feel burned out. Believe it or not, you will get more done if you do give yourself mini-breaks throughout the day.

Your brain can only concentrate for around 25 – 45 minutes at most. Set a timer for half an hour at a time and work flat out during this time. Then give yourself 5-10 minutes to relax. Get up and move away from your desk. Work your way up to 45-minute sessions and see how much more you can get done.

Tip 2: Put the Phone Down and Walk Away Slowly

That means turning off the notifications on your smartphone and putting it out of sight. If you don’t hear the ping or see the red light flashing, you will find it easier to concentrate.

Tip 3: Stop Surfing

Surfing the web, that is. Some of the best productivity apps work by merely blacklisting sites between certain times. That means no more diving down the rabbit hole looking for cute cat pictures when you should be finishing your report.

Look for apps like StayFocused and SelfControl.

Tip 4: Try Standing Meetings

This sounds a little weird but hear me out. One of the big problems with meetings is that once everyone is comfy, it can be difficult to break up the meeting. Avoid the problem by having standing meetings when you can. If people don’t get a chance to get comfy, they’ll move off sooner.

Tip 5: Organize Your Tasks Smartly

Are you better at working in the morning or afternoon? Schedule your hardest tasks for your peak times. But take things a step further as well. Make those tasks that you have to do your priority, even if they will take a while.

Many of us procrastinate by getting the quick tasks out of the way first. We underestimate the time it will take to complete a task and so often have to scramble to finish the important ones.

Tip 6: Consider Outsourcing or Delegating

Would you let your mechanic perform brain surgery on you? Of course not and you wouldn’t let a neurosurgeon loose on your car either. Even with the best productivity tools in the world, there is only so much that you can accomplish in a day.

Is there something that you could delegate? Or is there some task that you would be better outsourcing?

Say, for example, that you need marketing copy written, but it takes you hours to find the right phrases to use. Outsourcing to a professional copywriter would let you get on with what you do best.

Tip 7: Start in the Middle

Do you have a task that you are battling to start because it is more difficult for you? Look it over and see if there are parts of it that you can do easily. Start with those parts, even if it is not a logical place to start. That will help you build momentum going forward.

Tip 8: What Can You Automate?

Are there mundane tasks that you do that bore you to tears? Is there a way of automating those tasks? There are a lot of different software that can help you automate different business processes. Take, for example, the newest batch of accounting software.

It can be set to automatically send reminders for invoice payments, log payments and allow clients to access their account information online. That’s a whole lot less work for you and time to do other more important things.

Tip 9: Aim For 95% Perfect

We are taught to aim for perfection but a lot of the time perfecting something impacts on productivity. Do all the fonts in that report really need to be changed? Aim for almost perfect and save time.

Tip 10: Use Templates Wherever Possible

It can save a lot of time to just have to fill in the blanks. Set up templates for your most common communications and reports and save yourself a ton of time.

There are a lot more tips that can help you improve your productivity, but these are my top 10. Apply them and then use them as inspiration for improved efficiency in other areas as well.