Tia Mc Graff releases new book ” Jake the Road Dawg”

October 6, 2017    

We are excited to announce the release of a new book and CD by Singer / Songwriter Tia McGraff entitled “Jake the Road Dawg”. The book is inspired by Tia and her husband and collaborator Tommy Parham’s real life traveling companion Jake!
For a runaway pup searching for his “forever home,” in Nashville, Tennessee, hope is everything! But when Jake is adopted by professional country music stars, Tia and Tommy, he not only finds a loving family, but also a dream that is bigger than he ever imagined. Jake ‘the Road Dawg’ must quickly learn confidence, responsibility and that being a celebrity isn’t simply about bright lights and fame. It’s also about hard work, discovering exciting new places and making friends along the road.

Never give up, never give up.

Let yourself be Crazy Beautiful.

Visit https://www.tiamcgraff.com/jake-the-road-dawg-book
to learn more or find out where you can buy the book and CD.

About Tia McGraff

Tia McGraff is an internationally renowned and award-winning Americana/Country singer-songwriter from Port Dover, ON, Canada. With Scottish and Transylvanian roots running through her songwriting and voice, Tia’s talent has been described as “haunting and soul-gripping.”

With six album releases, four videos on CMT Canada, various film/television placements, and numerous nominations and awards – including Americana album of the year first ballot nomination for 2016 Grammy Awards – have earned Tia a respect in the music industry and a global fan base that continues to stretch beyond demographics.

Tia’s latest release, ‘Crazy Beautiful’ – produced by Colorado native, husband and longtime collaborator, Tommy Parham – was released in 2015, and immediately impressed Americana and Country radio programmers in the USA, Canada and Europe, resulting in significant activity on various airplay charts. Tommy, who moved to Nashville, TN in 1998 with a staff songwriter deal in hand, and soon became one of Music Row’s sought after hit writers, is credited with cuts by major label artists, including Lee Greenwood, and film placements in movies starring Ashley Judd, among others.

After moving to Music City in 1999, Tia was introduced to Tommy by his publisher. They began writing together, broke their rule of “never date a co-writer,” and in 2006 the couple were married in Savannah, Georgia. In true Tia and Tommy fashion, they celebrated their wedding by performing a concert for their friends and fans. Their love and passion for each other, their music and their fans, continues to grow, win hearts, and make them one of Americana music’s favorite sweethearts. In recent years the duo have supported and shared stages with artists including Steve Earle, Joan Baez, Randy Bachman (BTO, Guess Who), Jose Carreras and Steve Balsamo, among others.
Best of Luck to the three Amigo’s from the Ball Media team.