Social Media Mistakes You Should Avoid

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The New Social Currency

Social media strategies are something every business should incorporate into their marketing activities. It is an excellent way to interact with your audience and to provide them with valuable content to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. It is, however, easy to mess up your social media marketing strategy, which can lead to a drop in your number of followers, leads, and, ultimately, paying customers. Let’s take a look at social media marketing mistakes to avoid.

No Social Media Marketing Objective

It is incredibly important that you should constantly have social media goals. Working towards a specific objective will streamline your social media activities and ensure that you use your social media pages or accounts as a tool to grow your business. Examples of social media objectives can look like the following:

–    Increase traffic to a landing page by 20% within 30 days

–    Increase reach by 30% within 2 months

–    Increase audience engagement by 10%

No Social Media Strategy

When you have your objectives, it is important to know how you will achieve those objectives. Not having a step-by-step plan to progress towards your goals is one of the worst social media marketing mistakes businesses make. Here is an example of a social media marketing strategy:

–    Choose your social media platforms (preferably not more than 4)

–    Complete all the fields of your different accounts

–    Find your branding voice by taking your Unique Selling Proposition into account

–    Formulate a content posting strategy

–    Gauge follower interaction and make necessary changes

Not Targeting the Right Audience

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is to target the wrong audience. It may be worth your while to create a buyer persona or two to ensure that you post content that is congruent with your audience’s lifestyles, needs, and life goals. Targeting the right people that naturally gravitate towards the products or services that you offer can boost the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy significantly.

Not Listening to Your Followers

One of the biggest benefits of social media is the opportunity it gives businesses to interact with their clients. Customers or buyers that want more of what you have to offer, will often take the time to communicate with you by means of a review or comment. It is incredibly important to engage with these people and to make sure that you take what they have to say into consideration. If they point out a problem in your business, it gives you the opportunity for improvement.

Not Being Authentic

Only posting stock images and content from other websites will not reflect your business’s true brand and value. Video is a powerful marketing tool. If you record the goings-on behind the scenes of your business or to advertise an event that you hosting, it will show your business true colours. Your followers will love the human element and they will want to be a part of it. Prioritize interaction and providing value above perfection.

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