Short-Run Book Printing: Long on Value

December 12, 2017     /

Short Run Book Printing

Inside Short-Run Book Printing

There are several different printing methods for those looking to publish a book. Publishing a new book can be a daunting process, and it may be difficult to discern which printing method will be the most conducive to achieving your goals. However, understanding the pros and cons of different processes will help you to make the most profit.

One popular method of printing for new authors is short-run printing. This process involves ordering a relatively small number of books than other methods. This type of printing is usually done digitally rather than by large offset presses.


  1. Less Wasteful

This form of production produces significantly less books than other methods, so if less books are purchased than anticipated, there will be fewer that will go to waste. It also means there will be less books for the author to deal with and have to distribute.

  1. More Cost-Effective for Small Quantities

This is one of the only methods that allows authors to produce a very small number of books. So, if only a few copies are needed, it will be the cheapest way to obtain them. If you do end up needing more copies, then you can simply order a reprint.

  1. Books Available Up Front

You will receive all of the books you ordered up front as opposed to the price on demand method, in which books are not printed until they are sold. So, this means you can have copies of the books in order to sell to undetermined buyers.


  1. Higher Unit Costs

If a larger quantity of books is required, then you should seek a method other than short-run printing because it will be more expensive. Compared to offset printing, the prices are much higher for a high quantity of books.

  1. Limited Options

The digital manner in which most short-run book printing is done requires it to utilize certain paper types and sizes. This means that the book cannot be extremely customizable as they are usually only cost-effective at certain page sizes.

  1. Pre-Investing before Sales

When using short-run book printing, the author must order the book copies before sales are actually made. This means if the book does not sell, that initial purchase may become a liability.

Making Good Choices

Short-run book printing is most commonly used by first-time authors and publications by small organizations with limited readership. It is also great for advance reading copies and limited releases. This method provides a less-risky option for getting a book published that may not have a large following, and it is utilized by many different authors.

If short-run book printing sounds like a great option for you, or if you are still unsure which path to take, don’t hesitate to contact Ball Media Group. Our company is well-experienced in book printing in addition to a plethora of other media services such as video production and web development.

We have become an expert in the most cost-effective way to produce books through short-run printing, and we would be happy to help you no matter what step of the process you are currently in. Contact us today!