Phase 1 – SEO Audit

Website Audit and Report

Technical issues (hosting, server metrics, down time, caching)
Onsite issues (content, design, metas, schema tags, URL construction, page speed)
Website is thoroughly scanned for authoritative content
Keyword density and competitiveness research
Internal Links (internal link structures, anchor text, site architecture)
External Links (links to your site, value, acquisition patterns, anchor text)
Image tags
Site map created and submitted to Google, Bing & Yahoo
This report will outline where the website may be lacking with respect to onsite SEO and our suggestions on how to fix it

Phase 2 – Onsite SEO & Social Networks

Take the above report and implement all recommended changes (Phase 1 is not required if opting for phase 2)
Training on how to properly structure new content descriptions and so on
Bolding and linking keyword phrases throughout the site
Adding website to online business directories
Adding Google Webmaster and Analytics Tools to manage and create more tra­ffic
Creating a Google + myBusiness account if one is not available
Localize content for better local search results

Client Responsibilities:

All marketing materials should include a link to the website
Provide us with a throw away email account (Signing up to online directories must be done thru a direct company email account)
Provide a top ten list of keywords.
Provide 5 target locations
Rewrite current content and utilize as many keywords as possible and push towards communities being targeted
Employees should connect to as many social network sites as possible and provide link backs to your website. (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter…)
Industry Links : Try and have others (Suppliers, Clients…) in your industry link back to your website
Manage Facebook and Twitter accounts

Phase 3 – per month

Off‑site Link building initiative from reputable sites
Create and maintain Facebook, Google+ myBusiness, Twitter & Youtube accounts (Client provides content)
We will provide relevant blog posts and links to website (industry news)
Research, Research, Research (What are your competitors doing and what we do to outrank them)

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