Replacing Pronoun Online eBook Distribution Services

November 15, 2017    

Here is a fantastic article published By John Doppler on November 9, 2017 in Book Production & Distribution on the Self Publishing Advice Centre. Brought to you by ALLi ( Alliance of Independent Authors) Concerning the sad and disappointing closing of Pronoun. One of the best and easy to use online ebook distributors for independent authors and publishers alike.

ALLi initially covered Pronoun’s launch and subsequent acquisition by Macmillan with a mix of optimism and skepticism. ALLi founder, Orna Ross, and Author Enterprise Advisor, Joanna Penn, expressed concern about the (lack of a) visible business model.
Despite those early misgivings, Pronoun earned the approval of indie authors, including myself and fellow ALLi Watchdog Giacomo “Jim” Giammatteo, and ALLi decided to give the service the benefit of the doubt and observe closely what unfolded.So Monday’s sudden announcement of the closure of Pronoun was a shock and a disappointing end for a service that held such promise.

It seems that early sense of “it’s too good to be true” was justified.

Here’s a quick look at some of the perks indie authors are losing with Pronoun’s demise:

no setup fees or royalty sharing
a polished and friendly interface
category-specific pricing suggestions and market research
70% royalties on Amazon titles under $2.99.
ability to set your Amazon titles to permafree at will
Amazon ebook delivery fees waived
access to Google Play
no arbitrary discount of Google Play titles
free ISBNs (for use through Smashword only)
free ebook conversion (usable anywhere)
integrated reporting
monthly payment cycle
attractive author pages linking to each of Pronoun’s retailers

As we bid farewell to Pronoun, we hereby look at each of these features, in turn, to tell you which ones can be replaced, and where, so that you can decide how to transition your Pronoun titles to new services.

(Be sure to review Pronoun’s FAQ to learn how to download your ebook files and other steps in the migration process; this must be done before Pronoun ceases operation in January 2018.)

We start off with a note from Jim Giammatteo. Jim has been an outspoken advocate for the service. With a whopping 37 titles distributed through the service, few people are as knowledgeable about the pros and cons of Pronoun. Read more here