Old-school Vinyl Creates New Music Business Records

April 19, 2018     / /

Old-school Vinyl Creates New Music Business Records

When CDs first came out, they were hailed as the perfect media to play music on. And, for those who previously relied on cassettes, they were a definite improvement. No stretching of the tape, and a lot less prone to scratching, the end of the cassette and vinyl record era was over.

A lot of consumers used to listening to vinyl bemoaned the loss of the experience. The sound just wasn’t the same and, as a result, we have seen a resurgence in vinyl record sales over the past few years.

The Return of Vinyl Continues

In fact, in the United States alone, vinyl record distributors noted that sales were up over 1000% in the last decade. And, if the experts in vinyl record manufacturing are correct, which it seems they are, we can expect even more growth in future.

And, while CD sales and downloads certainly have their place, there is no doubt that vinyl is gaining traction once more. Is it nostalgia, or is it because it is a lossless medium? Only time will tell – but vinyl is back, big time.

Record Sales of Record Sales

Sales in 2017 reached a record of close on $1billion. That is pretty amazing since the basic tech is a century old. Those who sell vinyl records do admit that this is still a small part of overall sales today, but there is no doubt that this is an upward swing in a market once considered dead.

How Vinyl is Adapting to a New Generations

Well, for starters, getting your hands on a record player is pretty simple these days, and relatively inexpensive. This makes it possible for younger generations to play their music and build up a reasonably substantial collection of vinyl simply.

The cover art for vinyl has always been a large part of its appeal, and that is no different with younger generations. It seems people are starting to lose interest in downloading music. They want something that they can touch, feel and admire.

New subscription services, such as Vinyl Me, Please offer a delivery of a brand new collectible vinyl record once a month. The industry also holds a yearly Record Store Day aimed at promoting vinyl and recapturing the public’s imagination with the medium.

Opportunities for Existing Artists

So, should you as an artist make a vinyl record? It might actually be a great way to access a new range of fans and get a little more mileage out of older works. In the vinyl industry, there is a trend towards focusing on older.

In 2017, in Canada, for example, there were only three out of the top ten sellers that were brand new albums. The rest included names like Amy Winehouse, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles.

It’s clear that a new generation is rediscovering how good vinyl actually is. There are many music lovers who are taking advantage of the resurgence of vinyl as an opportunity to bulk up their collections with their old favourites in vinyl.

Savvy artists will consider releasing popular hits on vinyl as a way to take advantage of this growing market. Vinyl is not going anywhere.

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