New Books and Display ship to Bishop George Bloomer for “Spiritual Warfare: Optics For Life” At the Camp Conference 2017.

August 3, 2017    

Ball Media Group is as always , very proud to work with one of the most influential and inspiring Ministries in North America.Bishop George G Bloomer Ministries.

We are excited to have recently worked with Bishop Bloomers legendary team on three new releases (as well as two more in the hopper) and a special edition one of a kind “Quote’s & Note’s” : Spiritual Authority Notebook for this weekends “At the Camp: Optics for life” A 3 day “camp” of intensive teaching, intercession and prophetic impartation. The conference is held in Raleigh North Carolina at the Raleigh Convention Center.
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We were, as always very thrilled to have once again worked closely with the dynamic team on all aspects of the books, including design, editing and manufacturing and well as E book conversions and print and production of all trade show booth components. The New Books available are : Metamorphosis, Warfare Optics and Little Boy in me.

About Bishop Bloomer and G.G. Bloomer Ministries:

Organizer of “At The Camp” Bishop Bloomer is the founder of G. G. Bloomer Ministries where he travels nationally and internationally delivering life-altering messages to equip the masses for personal growth and spiritual fulfillment. Bishop Bloomer is also a best selling author. One of his most prominent bestsellers, Witchcraft in the Pews sold over a million copies and remains a favorite amongst avid readers. Other popular favorite reads written by Bishop Bloomer include, Looking for Love; Love, Dating & Marriage; Authority Abusers, and many others. Another one of his most notable achievement is one of the voices on the 2006 version of The Bible Experience (the Bible on CD featuring nearly 200 distinguished Hollywood actors and actresses). He has appeared regularly on TBN, 700 Club, Radio One, and numerous media outlets lending spiritual counsel as well as advice on relationships and personal development. As an entrepreneur, Bishop Bloomer has founded Blooming House Publishers, Blooming Records and other for profit businesses. To find out more about G.G. Bloomer Ministries or learn where you can get  copies visit