Mia Cucina Website now live!

November 26, 2018     /

Ball Media is excited to release a new website for a local Entrepreneur with a passion for Healthy living and Healthy food.
All items are made with fresh ingredients, choosing organic and local when ever possible. No refined sugars, salts or flours are used in any of the meals. Pink Himalayan salt, plant based stevia (only when needed) fresh herbs, coconut oil, olive oil are all items that give the food the perfect burst of flavor. At Mia Cucina, they believe in simplicity and fresh wholesome ingredients.

Welcome to La Mia Cucina, “my Kitchen”
Born and raised in a small town in S. Miguel a beautiful island in the Azores, where homegrown, freshly caught and personally delivered was part of my daily life. Memories of chickens roaming around my grandmother’s backyard, having a kitchen counter overflowing with fresh fish and seafood, watching my neighbours make goat cheese and wrapping it in leaves was all part of my childhood. Fresh ingredients was all I knew. Fresh Cooked meals was a staple in our house, and meal planning was a must.
Having served Brantford through our family restaurant, Cliffy’s, for the past 25 years and with my passion for health, wellness and food, I proudly introduce you to La Mia Cucina, ‘my kitchen’. In my Cucina I use fresh, fine ingredients (local and organic when ever possible), no refined sugars or salts. I love the smell and flavor of fresh herbs, the simplicity of wholesome ingredients all put together to create dishes that we love and still enjoy a healthy eating lifestyle. Wether you are looking for traditional meals to ketogenic, low carb, vegetarian, paleo we have something the whole family can enjoy.
Come visit our storefront, where you will find a display of weekly specials, ready made soups, pizzas, salads, breads, desserts, all items that our community has come to love.
Food brings everyone together, my fondest memories are always shared amongst family and friends around a dinner table.
Life is meant for living not limiting, so enjoy the foods you love on a wholesome level. That is what La Mia Cucina offers you.

At La Mia Cucina, we are please to offer pre- ordering take home meals that are nutritious, not packed with preservatives, made fresh with wholesome ingredients that will fit your health needs.
To learn more visit https://mia-cucina.ca/