Is Perfect Bound Book Printing Right for Your Project?

December 12, 2017     /

Perfect Bound Book Printing

About Perfect Bound Book Printing

Once you decide to get your book published, you must then decide how it is going to be printed, and what it’ll look like. There are several different methods, each providing a different appearance and feel. One popular process is perfect bound printing.

Perfect bound printing involves using an adhesive to attach the pages of the book together at the spine and to attach the cover. The cover is usually made from a thicker paper or cardstock so that it is sturdier than the pages inside. Most paperback novels use this method as well as phone books, some booklets, and magazines.

Why Should You Use Perfect Bound Book Printing?

This process produces a flat spine that can display the name of the book and author if thick enough, which is great when potential readers are looking through options on a packed shelf. It also allows the book as a whole to lie flat. This cannot be achieved for longer books if they use the other popular binding methods of saddle stitching.

Saddle Stitching involves folding long pages in half and stapling them together at the seam. This method works well for books of roughly 70 pages or less, but once books start getting much larger, the pages will not be able to easily fold over. Perfect bound book printing can be utilized for books that are upwards of 700 pages long because the pages are not folded.

Perfect bound printing creates a paperback book, which is usually much more inexpensive to make than a hardcover book. Books printed with this method also look professional and clean with its sharp corners.

This type of printing is very conducive to short-run printing and on-demand printing because of the simplicity of this process and its inexpensive nature. It is a great option for authors who are just starting out, or for small businesses and organizations.

How Can You Get Your Book Printed?

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