January 28, 2013    

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About LITE and Jonny Jarvis philosophy.

Life is your program; therefore, a lifestyle approach to fitness needs to be taken if any goal is to be sustainable.  The questions you have to ask are:  Do I want results that last?  Do I want to look, and feel good, all of the time?

Life is not cut in stone; it’s organic, constantly evolving and changing.  The lifestyle that you choose to evolve with, will determine what paths open up to you, along your journey.

L.I.T.E. Training is lifestyle training.

No matter what your fitness goals are, you need an approach that will get you there, keep you there, or for those athletes out there, keep you moving forward!

The word “diet” does not exist in this philosophy.  Diets have a definitive start, and end, which only leads you back to the beginning- wanting results.  A healthy, proactive approach to eating will only help you to obtain the desired results you want, maintain them, or push through them.  This holds true for all areas of the fitness spectrum, for all extremes.  Whether you visit the gym twice a week, or you’re a professional athlete, how you fuel your body, is how it will operate.  Your body is a machine; you can, and will, maximize its performance.

The only limitation to your success is your mind.  Believing in yourself is the first step to achieving your goals.  The second step, is putting in the effort!  No success comes without sacrifice!  Hard work and determination pays off!

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