Getting your CD tracks registered with Gracenote so it is recognized when played?

January 29, 2013    



Many clients ask us every day how they can get their cds to appear when they load them on their computer or on iTunes. Below is a brief explanation and link to the grace note site

FAQ – Artists, Labels & Publishers

If you are an artist, label or audio book publisher and you create or distribute music, we want you to upload (submit) your CD information. Submits are free and easy, and when your music is recognized, that means any of the millions of people using our service can find your music recognized in products “Powered by Gracenote.”

How can I upload (submit) my CD to be included in the Gracenote recognition service?

First, you need the CD (we recommend using the final pressing), which you place in your CD ROM drive. Then you need software, such as iTunes, Winamp, or QMP and your computer needs an internet connection.

Then you simply type in all these core details:
Artist name
Album name
Track title
Year of release
Label name (iTunes doesn’t supply this field)

Then you hit the submit button. Your submit takes two or three days to process before it’s available in our recognition service. Now the specifics for the three most popular submit (upload) software applications.

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