How to Find a Great Photographer

March 5, 2019     /

How to Find a Great Photographer

Photographs play an integral role in the performance of your website or product listings. Photos relating to your products, branding, or authenticity should preferably be taken by a professional photographer that specializes in photography for businesses.

Hiring a photographer can cost thousands of dollars, and it is crucial to find someone who is qualified and experienced. So, how do you find a great photographer?

Ask Your Network

The first step in finding a suitable photographer is to consult with your network. Friends, partners, or colleagues with websites as well as locals on relevant social media groups may be able to provide you with information on photographers that helped them in the past.

Service providers who offer relevant services like design solutions, video production, and web hosting, for example, Ball Media Group, will also be able to recommend photographers they know.

People who are satisfied with a photographer’s results will have no problem providing you with contact information and details about their project.

Online Platforms

Visit local consumer sites and search for photographers in your area. Since star ratings and reviews usually accompany these listings, you will have no problem finding professionals with satisfied customers.

Compile a List

After consulting with your network and carrying out online searches, make a list of five to ten reputable professionals that specialize in photography for websites and businesses. Then, visit their sites and social media pages to look at their galleries and portfolio samples.

When looking at the photographers’ previous work, make a note of samples that resonate with your business’s brand and authenticity. Consider the crispness of the images, composition, and lightning as well. Perusing the portfolios of several photographers will give you a good idea of what you want for your business.

Many photographers will also have blogs that discuss various topics on business and product photography. Read through their web content to learn more and to see which of photographers are authorities in their fields. Then, identify the photographers that best represent your needs.

Request Meetings

Many photographers will offer free, no-obligation initial consultations. Meeting photographers in person are one of the most effective ways to determine if they will be able to meet your requirements.

During the meeting, tell the photographer what you have in mind. A professional will be able to make suggestions and recommendations to save time and money and to ensure optimal results in terms of conversion and engagement.

During the consultation, ask the photographer about the following:

–    The type of equipment they use

–    Their credentials and expertise

–    Their style of photography

–    Their insurance

–    Their fee structure and the service they include and exclude

–    If they are insured

–    Their turnaround times

–    The rights to the photos

–    The number of photos you will receive

After meeting with the photographers, you will have sufficient information to choose a photographer that is best suited for your needs.

To learn more about how you can use imagery in your business, visit Ball Media Group.