How to Distribute Your own Music

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How to Distribute Your own Music

DIY Music Distribution

If you’re an independent artist, chances are that you’ve given some thought to distributing your own music. Back in the day, talented artists faced many challenges in their attempts to go commercial with their music. Nowadays however, you have the opportunity to reach a large audience and sell your music to them without having to incur a ton of costs. Keep reading to learn how you can distribute your own music.

What is an Aggregator for Music?

As an independent songwriter, composer, or musician, the first thing you should do is to find a digital music aggregator. This is a tube or channel that you can use to distribute your music through various online digital platforms. An aggregator makes money by charging artist upfront or a percentage of their revenue that they generate by streaming or downloading music. They may also charge you an annual or monthly subscription fee.

Choosing the right aggregator is important but remember that this is not a static decision. As you progress as an artist, your needs may change together with your choice of an aggregator.

What is Music Distribution?

Music distributions are the channels you use to get your music in the hands or on the devices of your listeners. Traditionally, artist distributed their music by signing deals with record labels, giving them the right to sell the albums.

Digital distribution works in the same manner, but on digital platforms. Independent artists may not have their albums transported to a conventional music store, but rather to online music distribution platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and AmazonMP3.

What is a Publishing Deal in the Music Industry?

A publishing deal is a written agreement between you and a record label. According to a publishing deal, the publisher will navigate through the complexities that come with things like royalties, licensing and accounting.

Signing a publishing deal has a lot of benefits, but if you choose not be independent, a publishing company can straighten a lot of things out for you. They have connections, they free up your time by taking care of your admin, and they ensure that you get paid.

What are My Rights as Music Publisher?

As someone that is publishing your own music, you have rights and responsibilities that are recognized by the broad music industry. As the composer or writer of music that you publish yourself, you have reproduction rights, which allow you to record your music on a CD or to put it on the internet.

You also have performance and communication rights that are applicable when your music is broadcasted on tv or radio, when your music is played live in recorded form, or when your music can be streamed online.

Finding a Distributor

Choosing a digital music distributor is important when your music is ready or close to completion. Make sure that you have a solid social media and online presence and make sure that your content is ready for broadcasting or streaming. This will make it much easier to find a distributor.

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