How Much is SEO?

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How Much is SEO?

What is SEO?

Before we get to the costs of SEO, let’s take a look at what exactly SEO entails. At Ball Media, we help owners of all types of businesses to increase traffic to their websites. One of the most effective ways to do this is with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There are hundreds of thousands of registered websites on the internet. Users make use of search engines to narrow these websites down to a list of only those that are relevant to their needs. They type relevant keywords into the search engine in order to go to results pages. These results pages display all the websites that are most likely to contain what the user is looking for.

In effect, what we’re talking about essentially is free advertising. The important thing to keep in mind here is that almost all users will only visit websites that are on the first results page. If they don’t find what they are looking for on the first page, they will typically change the keywords they used and search again. In fact, it is estimated that more than 60% of people will only check out the first three results on the first page.


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When you optimize your website for search engines, you make sure that your website shows up when people search those relevant keywords. The benefit of SEO doesn’t only extend to search results, but also to relevancy. When your website shows up for specific keywords, chances are the user will convert into a buyer more easily. This is why it is important to use the correct and relevant keywords when optimizing your website for search engines.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

This is a fair question, especially since you want to keep your business as financially healthy as possible. It is, however, not a simple question. There are many things that determine the cost of SEO.

The first thing you should do is start viewing SEO as an investment and not a running cost. This is because SEO can result in an exponential increase in sales or clients. Next, you should consider your competition. If you have a lot of competition, chances are that you are going to have to pay more for SEO. You should also consider your competitors SEO costs. If your competitor across the street is spending $1000 per month for professional SEO services, you should think carefully about that SEO guy you are paying $200 per month.

The geographical area that your business is servicing also plays a significant role in determining your SEO cost. If you are an international e-commerce company that sells products in multiple countries, your SEO costs would be higher than it would be if you are, say, a dry cleaner that has customers in a certain neighborhood. It is also important for small companies to make use of professional SEO services, as it will allow them to rank faster.

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How Much Does SEO Cost


The costs of hiring a professional company may be discouraging, but it is important to remember that SEO takes time, especially when you or your employees are not SEO experts. This means that hiring a professional SEO agency can save you a lot in terms of time that you can otherwise spend on your daily business activities.

Be careful when an SEO expert offers you unrealistic results at lower than average prices. Achieving an exceptional page rank takes time and experience, and you will always be better off working with a reputable company.

Do I Need SEO?

If you have a website, you need SEO. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your local or small business can’t benefit from the help of a professional SEO agency. There are tons of affordable SEO packages that can boost your website traffic and send your lead conversions through the roof. These include pay-per-click campaigns or installing analytics on your site to gain an understanding of your audience and website visitors.



Proper search engine optimization of your website can also bring visitors to your website that needs exactly what your business has to offer. Inexperienced or in-house SEO consultants may struggle to optimize your website for the right search terms. This means that you may attract visitors that don’t need your product or service. Once they find out their mistake, they will leave and increase your bounce rate.

When your site is optimized for the most relevant search terms, however, it means that your visitors find exactly what they are looking for, which means improved conversion rates, more sales, and bigger profits.

So, to sum up, every business can benefit from SEO. If you are a sole proprietor that operates in a small town, hiring a professional SEO agency can help you rank faster and outperform the local competition. Large international companies should make SEO one of their top priorities to prevent them from getting lost in search engine result pages.

What Are the Benefits of SEO?

It’s estimated that 94% of businesses use SEO as their primary source of leads. This means that effective search engine optimization can be your biggest source of customers and, ultimately, income. SEO is about more than stuffing your web content with keywords. Combined with value-driven lead generation tools, it’s about creating high-quality content that search engines will use to determine if your website is relevant to what visitors need.



Promotional-based content is one of the most effective ways to rank on search engines and also to provide visitors with valuable information that is complementary to your products and services. This content should also be shareable. This means that visitors and customers should be willing to share your keyword-rich content with their social media following. This establishes trust and loyalty.

Now that you realize the importance of SEO, regardless of the size of your business. If you want to increase your website’s page rank, conversion, and traffic, contact Ball Media and tell us what products and services you offer, and where. We will ensure proper website and URL structuring to ease navigation and provide you with custom SEO and marketing solutions that will boost your sales and profits.