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April 1, 2014    

 Online E-stores and Download card add-on for Authors and Publishers

Ball Media has introduced our new Online Estores and E Book Download cards for Authors and Publishers.

In most standard shopping carts, the Author or Publisher had an existing website but were not offering books or digital products directly from it. When a customer decided to make a purchase, they were then directed off of the website to buy the book or E book from another source, leaving the owner to have to take a only a percentage of the profits and waiting for the payment.

With Ball Media’s Online Web Modules the author/publisher sells their products directly from their own site. There’s no waiting for payment and no extra fees.  The purchased products either get download automatically from the online store or a notification and confirmation of payment are received along with instructions of where the hard copy/physical products must ship. You get paid immediately and retain 100% of the revenues. It also keeps the customer in the website they came to, not directed somewhere else.

These modular options (carts) can be a sub-domain of an existing website or a newly created standalone Online Shop. There are no rules, just options!

Another exciting module is an add-on that allows authors to sell eBooks,audiobooks and any other virtual or downloadable product using E Book cards as the vehicle to take the buyer right where they need to be.

The cards themselves can be plastic with a scratch off area, similar to many rewards and loyalty cards on the market, a business card style and size with a unique code on every one or even a bookmark with a unique code and/or a QR code for the user to quickly be taken directly to the redemption page.

Each card has a unique code.  You determine the price and can even determine the sequence of unique numbers for card all through your own secure login to your own E Book card site or download module area.

The possibilities are endless, use them as a value add when selling a hard copy or use them to entice readers with sample chapters for a new book release. It’s up to you. You are in control and you make the decisions. They way it should be!

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