DURE trade show booth for Tim Horton’s 50th Anniversary Convention

June 12, 2014    

Just finished the final setup and reveal for the trade show booth we designed for Dure Foods Ltd. Dure will be exhibiting in July for Tim Horton’s 50th Anniversary supplier convention. Hunter and Dure are a very proud supplier for Tim Horton’s and have been for many years. They package all the powdered product that is sent to ALL Tim Horton’s. Ball Media Corporation are very proud, grateful and appreciative for Hunter giving our company the opportunity to work with him on this project and many others. The booth is a 10′ x 20′ Truss style booth and we mounted a 32″ flatscreen on the end that displays a video that we shot and edited as well, providing attendees the opportunity to see a virtual tour of Dure’s plant and their processes. We also designed and printed a banner stand that accompanies the booth along with a 8.5 x 11 booklet highlighting an overview of the company. AND… all this coincides with our relaunch of Dure’s newly updated website ! ( www.durefoods.com ) A complete job all around and very proud to have been a part of this, thanks Hunter !!