new website for musicians

April 1, 2014    

New Online Selling Features for Musicians and Artists


 Introducing Ball Media’s newest sales feature, “E-Shops”. These online shopping carts can be added to an existing website, or used as a stand-alone site to sell your music, in both digital and hard copy form.

Adding a shopping cart to your own website allows you to have complete control over the transaction; you sell your product directly to your customer. Payment is instant, and you keep 100% of the profits.

When selling your music online using third-party sources, you’re forced to pay commission fees on sales, and you can sometimes wait up to 3 months to see any revenues. You’re also directing customers away from your site, and exposing them to an online super-store where they can easily get lost in all the choices.

Ball Media’s new “E-Shops” provide safe, secure, real-time transactions within the confines of your own digital space.

Download Cards Now Available!

Another exciting way for musicians and artists to sell their music is now available at Ball Media; Digital Download Cards.

Download cards can be printed full color, featuring album artwork or images of your choice. Each card features a unique code that gives the user access to digital content, which can range from digital copies of your music to bonus materials like videos, photos, or extra tracks.

 Sell the cards at shows; they’re cheaper than CDs and much more portable. Include them with sales of CDs or other merchandise to add value. Use them as giveaways, promo samplers, or press kits to get your music into the hands of new and existing fans. Use them as physical sales tool for listeners who prefer digital content to hard-copy media.

 You control the codes, you control the content….

With Ball Media’s Online Web Modules the musician sells thier products directly from their own site. There’s no waiting for payment and no extra fees.  Your products download automatically from your own online store. You get paid immediately

and retain 100% of the revenues. These modular options (carts) can be a sub domain of an existing website or a standalone Online Shop.

The next exciting module is an add-on that allows authors to sell eBooks using E Book cards.

Each card has a unique code.  You determine the price and can even determine the sequence of unique numbers for card all through your own secure login to your own E Book card site.

Anywhere that you can login to the internet, you can access your admin section to generate more codes for sale.

*DownloadcardsNOW offers 200 cards complimentary with the investment of the online shop and download card app bundle to earn back the oney you spent and to truly make it a no risk venture!

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