Client Showcase: Who is Garnet Rogers?

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Client Showcase - Who is Garnet Rogers?

A Canadian Gem

Garnet Rogers isa Canadian folk musician, singer, and songwriter. Born in 1955, he and his brother, Stan, started experimenting with music when only 6 and 12 years of age, respectively. Garnet actually started his music career arranging music for his brother. Together, these two eventually formed one of the most influential folk music acts in North America.

Garnet started experimenting with the ukulele. He then learned how to play the flute, violin, and guitar—the latter which became his passion. Not only did he teach himself how to play all of these instruments, he launched a full-time musical career at the age of 16, even before he was done with high school.

Soon after they started their musical journey, the two brothers joined a local band named Cedar Lake. This collaboration only lasted a year, however, and the two brothers later broke off together with bass player John Morison to form a trio.

Here are some of the major career markers in Garnet’s musical journey:

First Album:

Stan and Garnet Rogers produced their first album, Fogarty’s Cove, in 1977. The material for this album was inspired by their involvement in two documentaries with the Canadian Broadcasting Company, and has since been reissued in 2011 by Borealis Records.

The album was well-received; it resonated with the people because many of the songs featured the folklore, traditions, and everyday life of the Canadian people. After that, several other albums were produced by the two brothers, including Turnaround in 1978, and Northwest Passage in 1981.

Garnet Goes Solo:

Tragedy struck in 1983 when Stan Rogers died in a tragic plane crash. His death came just a couple of weeks before Stan, Garnet and Morison were supposed to embark on an American tour. Following the death of his brother, Garnet went solo, and has remained so ever since.

Once he’d launched his solo career, Garnet Rogers released his first album,Simply Garnet Rogers, in 1984, and continued to release one every two or three years, right up through the early 2000s.

His other solo CD albums include The Outside Track (1985), Speaking Softly in The Dark (1988), Small Victories (1990), At a High Window (1992), Summer Lightning Live Album (1994), Night Drive (1996), Sparrow’s Wing (1999), Firefly (2001), Shining Thing (2004), Get a Witness Live Album (2007), and Summers’ End (2014).

Though Stan’s music style was traditional, Garnet has since incorporated a lot of modernity in his music, with aspects of country, rock, blues, and classical. Garnet’s music is also very humorous, especially on stage.

His Book:

Garnet memorialized his brother by writing a book called Night Drive. It is about the brothers’ travels and adventures together; the most recent copy is its third printing.

His book is available through most online booksellers, and is also sold independently on his website at; you can also purchase it at one of his shows.