Choosing the right plan for your website – future expansion!

May 23, 2014    

I spoke with a friend of mine this morning and we were discussing her husband’s company’s website. I had suggested mentioning to him about doing an upgrade and overhaul to it. She had told me that only a couple of years ago, he had invested a significant amount of money into creating his website. I plead my case for some of the reasons why it might be a good idea to look at doing some upgrading and revamping to the site.

He’s a self-employed Electrician with a very successful company.

I explained:

“Hiring an electrician….. lots of people can do it and make it so that you can turn the lights on and have power…. but few can do it so that you have enough power to serve your needs properly down the road and to be able to allow and accommodate for future changes, growth etc…The site looks good, don’t get me wrong… but he’s missing social media integration and I can also tell by how it was designed that he is probably limited to how he can update and change the site when he wants.”

Yes, you can certainly invest money and sometimes LOTS of it into a website, but just like electricity and construction, make sure you have the right architecture to be able to serve your needs properly as you grow.