Cheap CD Duplication: Is it Worth It?

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Cheap CD Duplication - Is it Worth It?

Looking for Cheap CDs for Your Project? Read This First.

Pretty much everyone is familiar with the compact disc, or CD. But do you know how they are written?

To get the media on CD, two processes can be used: CD replication and CD duplication. To many, the words “duplication” and “replication” seem interchangeable…but there is are significant differences between them.

So, what are those differences? Read on to educate yourself on cheap CD duplication, and whether or not the savings is worth it for your business.

  • CD replication is used to create original CDs. A glass master stamp is used to imprint digital media on the disc, thus creating an exact replica of the original from scratch. For many service providers, a minimum order quantity is required for the process of CD replication to be used, in order for it to be financially equitable for the service provider and the customer.
  • CD duplication utilizes a laser to write the information from the master onto a blank rewritable disc. This is the same cheap CD duplication process that you use to burn CDs on your computer or an external CD burning device.

Should you choose CD replication or cheap CD duplication?

For professional, quality work for artists, studios, corporations, and others that are looking to provide high quality CD copies, then CD replication using the glass mastering process is the way to go. The preparation required for CD replication is extensive and therefore many service providers will ask for a minimum order.

For those who want lower, short-run quantities, then cheap CD duplication services will go a long way to help fulfill their orders. In this method there is no preparation required; it just entails putting a blank disc in the burner and duplicating it.

CD duplication is also quicker. With cheap CD duplication, there isn’t any time-consuming glass mastering required. As soon as the master copy is available, the burning process can be done in just a matter of minutes, depending on the number of copies you need.

Short-run CD duplication should only be considered if you are not concerned with quality; duplicated CDs do not last as long as replicated ones.

With cheap CD duplication, the laser exposes the structure of the CD, making it easy to be damaged by humidity and light; leaving a cheaply duplicated CD exposed to sunlight can cause damage in a matter of hours. With replicated CDs, however, the surface of the media is shiny, like glass, which protects and prolongs the life of the media.

Therefore, if you are looking for a quick solution and low quality, then cheap CD duplication will suffice.