May 13, 2016    

Ball Media is excited to have been involved over the last few months and to have worked with an innovative Company on the design ,development and printing of trade show displays and materials for a Dentistry Conference this weekend in Nashville TN.

What is Boogroop?

“Boogroop was developed and maintained by Dr Michael Ling, for his internal team at the Clarence Street Dental Group Brantford, Ontario.

Boogroop was created as a centralized hub for team communication that can offer more organized and efficient methods than traditional approaches.

It’s smooth, it’s lean, it flows¬† and… it just works. Boogroop eliminates a lot of the time that can be wasted by staff getting bogged down in meetings and emails.

Boogroop have taken the tools used in a Practice on a daily basis and incorporated them allowing the staff and Dentists to operate at a very high level

Boogroop is a dynamic and evolving company , dedicated to discovering¬† new and innovative ways to improve communication, collaboration, and engagement for the modern Dental office. Whether you’ve got a team of 5 or 50, give boogroop a try and see for yourself how it will keep your team up to date, on track, and in touch.”

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