How to Get More People to Your Website

January 29, 2013     /

This year Ball Media has partnered with Smashing Pixels, the innovative Internet Marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) and Social Business strategy specialists headed by Trevor Cherewka. Trevor, previously one of Ball’s leading salesmen, is now the proprietor of the popular Social Media event Tweetstock and President of Smashing Pixels. He has agreed to share some of his insights on how to build a successful strategy this week, and begins today by addressing one of the most confounding questions anyone with a website has to consider…

Have you ever wondered how to get more people to your website?

Have you ever looked at someone else’s website and wished you could get the same amount of traffic they do? Well… you can, and it’s easier than you thought.

Trevor states emphatically, “The biggest difference between a website that gets a lot of traffic and one that doesn’t is having a web strategy – there’s too much traffic online today for you not to have a strategy.”

Here are three tips from the pros at Smashing Pixels that you can utilize on your own to start creating your strategy.

Newsletters: Newsletters are a great way to inform your clients of any new developments, initiatives, or programs you are rolling out. However, don’t just use them to sell at your customer, consider using a newsletter to talk to your customer.

“If you are continually selling at your customers they will grow to ignore your newsletters…  but by talking to your customers they will grow to trust you and you’ll find that you are eventually moved into the ‘friends’ category, and we all know when your friend emails you, you want to open it and read it,” says Trevor.

Blogs: Blogs are a fantastic traffic generating tool. Google loves them, and more importantly, your core customers enjoy reading them. Your blog puts a face to your company, and studies show people are more apt to interact with, and share something from, someone they know rather than an anonymous source.

Link Bait: This is a term that a lot of people are tossing around right now but you might not know what it is or how to implement it. It is exactly what it sounds like – it is bait to get people to your website. Your goal with everything you write is to get people to act upon it, whether that’s to get people to continue reading, or to get people to click on something. With link bait you are creating a call to action for people to click on a link that links them to your website, hence the term ‘link bait’.

“Say you are a Widget company for example, the next time instead of posting ‘Hey I just posted a new blog, come and check it out’… why not try something like this… Three Widgets Your Business Can’t Live Without (click here to read more). Wouldn’t you be compelled to click?”

Bonus Tip

Trevor also says, “The key to these three elements of your strategy is consistency, if you are going to pursue a strategy consistency is the key.”

On Wednesday Trevor will talk about how to determine your core customer, the person who helps define your strategy.